Welcome to Troop 002!

Welcome to Troop 002 sponsored by the Legacy Park HOA in Kennesaw, GA.

We serve the Legacy Park communities, the surrounding neighborhoods, and the City of Kennesaw.

We are part of the Silver Comet District within the Atlanta Area Council of the Boy Scouts of America.

Founded in 2010 Troop 002 has quickly developed a reputation within the district for producing quality Eagle Scout candidates and for giving back to the community through service. The Eagle Scout projects of our candidates have fed the hungry; expanded facilities for local schools, churches, and temples; aided in the adoption of shelter animals; developed fish habitats for the Corps of Engineers; and built park and recreation amenities for the City of Kennesaw and the Legacy Park communities.

Troop service projects have included sponsoring and hosting the district Belt Look Bonanza, staffing 9/11 memorial services, staffing the City of Kennesaw Backyard Camp Out, and more.

The troop camps year round. We average 13 overnight camp outs per year including summer camp (6 nights) and annual High Adventure excursions. This year's High Adventure team is going to Philmont Scout Reservation in New Mexico. We believe in the benefits of our outdoor program and encourage every scout to camp as often as they can.

Our purpose is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law.


Jeff Higgins Scoutmaster Troop 002


Posted on Apr 15 2018 - 8:34pm

Flower baskets are an exciting and fruitful way to put $$$$ into your Scout accounts!  Customers rave about our flower baskets every year and Scouts will be earning around $5 per basket for their Scout accounts (camping trips, dues, eagle project, etc).

Merit Badge Clinic Information

Posted on Apr 8 2018 - 10:18pm

If you have any information on upcoming merit badge clinics, would you email a link to the Secretary,, to include in our Blast each week. Some of you are very good about following up on merit badge clinics, and it would be a tremendous service to share your info with those of us who are not as diligent. Thank you!


Posted on Mar 12 2018 - 9:12pm

Every year the current First Year patrol is retired as we await the arrival of out newest crossovers.  The new scouts will form their own Frist Year patrol.


Posted on Mar 4 2018 - 7:15pm

Please volunteer to help our Troop. PLease volunteer to help our Troop! PLEASE VOLUNTEER TO HELP OUR TROOP!!!!!

-For monthly Boards of Review!


Posted on Mar 4 2018 - 7:14pm

Camp Card Sales have begun! Katrina Knight will be at Troop meetings until 7:30 to distribute and settle for additional cards. Sales end April 9th. 


Posted on Mar 4 2018 - 7:00pm

It's a new year and you know what that means! NEW MED FORMS! After completing forms A&B, please put them in the "turn-it-in" bin.

Q. What is meant by "Annual"?
A. An AHMR (Annual Health and Medical Record) is valid through the end of the 12th month from the date it was administered by your medical provider. For example, a physical administered March 3, 2014, would be valid until March 31, 2015. The AHMR in use before March 1, 2014, will be valid only until April 1, 2015, and only if it was completed before April 1, 2014. OUR TROOP COLLECTS MEDICAL RECORDS AT THE START OF EVERY CALENDAR YEAR BECAUSE KEEPING UP WITH EVERY SCOUT'S INDIVIDUAL DATE IS ABSOLUTELY TOO CUMBERSOME.

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